1. Project

The goal of the MOREAL Project
MOREAL Team and its participants shall service P2E game that has high quality contents for users to enjoy. The team shall also maintain stable token economy so the users can share fair and transparent profits as the blockchain economy grows, creating a long-lasting project that constantly grows.
Each user can play the game, receive rewards, own various types of assets, and exchange the assets with other users. In order to do so, the assets owned by each user shall be evaluated and recognized. MOREAL Team shall constantly work to recognize and improve the value of assets owned by MOREAL users, and the blockchain based environment is the right place to achieve such goal.
The flow of users' economic activities through games is very similar to the general social sharing economy phenomenon and the flow of growth, so it has a very large growth potential. The interconnection of each user's assets within the game ecosystem means that each user's effort becomes an asset. It can be said that the goal of the MOREAL project is to create an environment in which the value of these assets can be developed stably.