1. 1 Cyclical growth

Circular growth structure that exchanges value with other users
Users spend a lot of time on pleasant experiences, items, characters, and strategies encountered in the game, forming an attachment to the game. Content is updated over time, and as a result, the user's property (characters, pets, mounts, etc.) will gradually increase. The user's property mentioned here is not a mere appearance of an individual, but an asset of users who coexist and grow together with the user, and it becomes an environmental factor in the game the user is running.
Users receive the rewards for their efforts and time spent in playing the game. In certain user’s play data there could be ‘Level 99 Archer raised for 200 hours,’ ‘Pegasus’ Bow forged by 99 Rare Bow Materials,’ ‘Millions of Gold,’ ‘Guild Castle constructed over a year,’ and etc. These are the user’s asset the user owns.
In traditional games, such assets the users have accumulated become worthless as time flies because the users no longer become interested in them. However, MOREAL Project tries to maintain the assets’ value using the blockchain.
This platform shall be produced within the global standard specifications. In this platform the users can utilize their assets to acquire more useful assets, and each user's assets in the blockchain network have unique values and independent ownership, and have a cyclical growth structure in the process of exchanging values with other games and users.
Thus, the platform shall provide interactive trading environment where users can own, use, sell, and trade their assets with others and create an ecosystem that is capable of cyclical growth.