2. 3 Business Plan

Traditional games were sold in packages and thus the game’s sales lifecycle only lasted about 6 months to a year. In today’s smartphone-platform-based environment, games can constantly be downloaded and updated over several years after its release through wireless network such as 4G, 5G, Wifi, and etc.
In this platform-based environment, Role-Playing Games such as MOREAL can have 5 or more years of lifecycle, and the development team can constantly manage and improve the quality of the game.
[1] Short-term Business Plan of MOREAL Project
(1) Viral Marketing utilizing its system In-game content “Friend System” has friend recommendation function and provide unique ‘recommendation code’ for each user. If a new user registers to the game using this recommendation code, the owner of the code shall receive a blockchain reward. This would encourage existing users to invite new users and promote viral marketing.
(2) Global Release MOREAL is preparing global release. It will support 16 languages including English, Chinese, and Japanese, with the server and client prepared for the users from all around the world to connect and play.
(3) Jump-up Growth Item for Season-Registered Users At the time of release and content update season, which would be every summer and winter, users who register for ‘Season Pass’ shall receive season-registered rewards. These rewards include items that will help users to speed up their growth and premium characters. This will help users to interact and compete with the existing users.
(4) Content Update Users who are playing the game and interested in the game care about the growth of the game and its developers. MOREAL shall follow the roadmap and update contents such as ‘Guild’ and ‘Guild War’ after the game’s release in order to increase users’ morale in playing the game.
[2] Long-term Business Plan of MOREAL Project
(1) IP Collaboration Character MOREAL game has developed a system that can create and update various styles of characters. Various IP characters from animation, comics, and movies can be created and appear in MOREAL. IPs such as “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” and “Attack on Titan” are great fit to MOREAL and the fans of such contents will join MOREAL in a long-run.
(2) Casual Game for Marketing Purpose At least two casual games using MOREAL characters will be released for the marketing purpose. Casual games such as puzzles can appeal to many users, and through the marketing tools embedded in these casual games, the new users can be transferred to MOREAL. This marketing strategy was effective for the games such as Puzzle & Dragon, Princess Punt Sweets, The Battle Cats, Go! Go! Pogo Cat!, and etc.
(3) Local Marketing MOREAL plans for global release, and thus the developer shall analyze the indicators related to the user activities, marketing effects, and in-app purchases from different countries. With such analysis, the developer may identify countries with high interest in MOREAL and conduct an offline marketing promotion to increase users in those countries. By conducting marketing directly to the countries with high interest, MOREAL could increase its users cost-effectively.