3. 4 $MOR Utilities

MOREAL Token(hereinafter “$MOR”) is Klaytn based blockchain token.
[1] $MOR Functions
(1) Exchange with Jewel, the major in-game currency.
(2) Use at MOREAL NFT Market
1) Pay registration fee for registering the user’s character as NFT on ‘User Market.’
2) Purchase NFT character sold by other users on ‘User Market.’
3) Purchase NFT character prepared in-game on ‘Character Shop.’
4) Pay purchase fee for purchasing on MOREAL NFT Market
[2] Obtaining $MOR
(1) User can earn Jewel as the reward for becoming a ranker. In order to become a ranker, the users must compete and win associated contents using their characters in MOREAL and earn higher points.
(2) Swap Jewel with $MOR at DEX.
(3) Purchase directly from the exchange.