3. 6 Transparency and Impartiality of Jewel

In-game contents, PVP and RAID, distribute Jewel to users based on their play records for the specific period of time in each season. The amount is determined by the users’ resulting rank.
(1) Public Ranking Board During the PVP and RAID seasons, all users can check the rankings of top ranking users and their points via Ranking Board in real-time.
(2) Real-time Records Each user’s PVP and RAID play results are reflected on the Ranking Board in real-time. All past ranking records are preserved after season ends, and they will be available for all users to view.
(3) Reward Security Check At the time of season’s end(e.g. every Friday at 22:00), the system will dump the database that stores all user data and check for any abusive users before distributing Jewel rewards to the users.
*Abusing prevention module is executed automatically when Jewel is distributed; metadata between Jewel/ User/ Ranking are cross-checked. If any data is identified as abused, manual validation is conducted to revalidate.
(4) Announcement Total amount of Jewel that are to be distributed to top ranking users at the end of each season will be announced at the beginning of the season. The amount shall not change and the announcement can be viewed in game UI and homepage.