3. 8 Obtaining of Jewel

(1) Reward for participating in competing contents When the users participate in the competing contents such as PVP Chief Battle, PVP Total War, and World Boss, they will obtain the points.
- Point for winning against another user
- Point for attacking time-limited monster
- Point for defeating Minion monster
- Point for total damage user dealt
All points accumulated from each content is used to compete with other users within that same content for higher rank. The status is announced in real-time.
Top 10 users in the competition shall receive biggest rewards, then the reward’s value diminishes as group ranks go down from Top 1%(500~1000 users) / Top 10% / Top 25% / Top 50%.
(2) Reward for participating in cooperating contents In the cooperation content, ‘Tower Raid,’ users can spend a ‘Raid Point’ to summon the ‘Tower Raid Monster.’ ‘Tower Raid Monsters’ are very difficult to defeat alone and the users need to cooperation with each other to defeat the monster. Each user can receive the updates and information from ‘Tower Raid’ menu in real-time. Users can help each other and may receive ‘cooperation reward’ in doing so.
- Reward based on the number of attacks attempted on other users’ Tower Raid Monster
- Reward based on the total damage dealt to a single Tower Raid
- Reward for summoning Tower Raid
There is daily limits on the number of summons and assisting other users. Users can spend Tower Raid tickets to provide extra assistances beyond the daily limits.