4. 1 Incineration through content sales

Burning of purchase price with update
(1) Incineration of tokens obtained from NFT item sales
The developer, along with long-term content update planning, sells NFT contents and incinerate the token received from the sales to achieve economic stability.
Updated NFT items will help users to become stronger and help new users to adapts to the game.
(2) Incineration of tokens through participating in competitive/cooperation contents
Among the users who play the game very competitively, if a user would like to obtain the glorious first ranking title, the user must earn the most winning points in such competitive contents. Top 2% users will compete fiercely with other users for the honor and glory.
All users have limited number to participate in competitive content, however, those who want more battle point must spend their in-game money to purchase ‘Arena’ ticket for the extra participations.
MOREAL incinerates all ‘Arena’ ticket sales.
(3) Incineration of tokens through participation in seasonal event
Users can cooperate and compete with other users through various contents. Such cooperation/competitive contents have daily limit of 20~30 participations, however, if a user has purchased the Season Pass, the daily limit increases by 2-3 times. Users can participate in more contents with Season Pass and certain items are dropped only to Season Pass users.
MOREAL incinerates all Daily/Weekly Season Pass sales.