4. 3. Adjustment of distribution amount of p2e tokens

limited distribution of goods
(1) Limited payment of shared rewards received by all participants
For the growth of content, the developer actively participates in the game and welcomes users who strive to maintain the ecosystem. Users who access the game simply for rewards will obtain limited rewards in the corresponding environment.
All users can earn rewards for playing the content. However, the limit on the amount of daily reward paid by playing solo content is clearly given to all users. We recommend that users use the blockchain rewards they have obtained to engage in cooperative-competitive content again.
(2) Adjustment of the amount of currency according to the increase of participants for specific content
In the case of daily and weekly raids that receive rewards through cooperation between users, differential rewards are paid to users in comparison to the amount of activity and the value invested for participation in the statistics calculated based on the user's activity. This reward increases with the increase in the number of users participating in the content, and vice versa. This amount of money will be shared transparently with users.
(3) Distribution of goods for avid users
A small number of enthusiastic users actively invest for the best glory in the game with a very high level of participation in order to have a sense of satisfaction separate from rewards and to show off their performance to other users. These users in the game industry are very few, but they generate more than 80% of the sales generated by the game. There are many users who aim to be number one in content competing with tens or hundreds of thousands of people.
These users will typically purchase daily, weekly or monthly PVP tickets to participate in competitive content. They can participate in special ‘ranking’ content, and the developer converts the total investment of all users who enjoy ‘ranking’ content in real time and redistributes it evenly to users in the upper and lower ranks. A system to return the investment is provided for TOP 10 users.
Users compete in the corresponding competitive content and gain satisfaction by having the glory of high ranking. And due to this return policy, some avid users will acquire a lot of valued goods. Other avid users redistribute the invested goods, participate in competitive content in the next season, and consume the goods again, creating a cyclical ecosystem.