5. 1 Platform Trade

Direct and transparent transactions by users
All assets such as all tokens and NFT items created and managed in the project are shared and broadcast through the platform, and all users can easily trade.
Project participants who wish to trade their own assets can make safe and transparent transactions with other participants through the platform using unique identifiers and DEX [LR1] of the blockchain, and swap their assets again through the platform.
Moreover, game’s assets shall be cross checked with the metadata from the asset and the metadata from user and DB history. This validation process will maintain each asset uniquely, and make sure abusive activities such as item copying cannot be happening through complex validation module.
Such transactions will be processed safely in public, and the platform shall disclose each user’s transaction status in real-time with broadcasting and recording transaction history.
[LR1]원문 오타 수정
[LR1]원문 오타 수정