6. 1 Battle Guide

(1) One-touch Battle System
Auto-Battle : In general, each battle proceeds automatically; allies and opponents take turns to attack others
Win and lose is determined by the statistics and attribute difference between the stage’s opponent and ally.
Roulette Buffing : When user successfully matches the roulette, ally party receives a buff and activates skills on demand. More successful roulette will increase the combo and apply higher buff to the characters.
(2) Various Battle Strategies
Characters have unique attributes based on their types(Attack type, Defense type, Counter type, and etc.) and different statistic distributions.
Each character possesses different skills, which are categorized as passive, active, leader, and support skills. Each character has 3-4 unique skills.
There are more than 500 fascinating skills that counter and support one another. Users can select 5 characters to form a party and proceed with various strategic battles as the user wants.
(3) Automatic Battle System
Users can form various strategic parties based on different characters’ statistics, growth system, and skillsets. The party can be aggressive or defensive, and the user can proceed with battle with simple controls.
MOREAL’s “strategic,” “visually stunning.” “idle” style battle method is common aspects of popular mobile role-playing games in the market.