6. 4 “Friend” System

A user can add other users as “Friend.” Users who became friends can add bonus to each other’s combat and cooperate in such contents(Tower Raid, World Boss, etc.) together.
(1) Adding a Friend
As users play the game, the system will support each user to find and add other users who have similar combat power as the friend.
(2) Friend’s Support
Users can get a support from the friend’s character or provide support with set character for other friends.
- Scenario Tower : Before the battle, user can add the friend’s character to the party and share status and skill bonus.
- Tower Raid : Users might encounter a strong boss monster and cannot guarantee the win. In such case, the user can request for friend’s aid. When the user defeats the boss monster, all friends who provided the aid receive character growth rewards.
- World Boss : World Boss battle proceeds with 25 characters. 20 of these characters must set from the friends’ characters. If an user has many friends, the user can proceed the battle with very simple settings.
(3) Friendship Point Exchange
Once a day each user can gift “Friendship Point” to friend users. “Friendship Point” can be gifted in “Friend” content, and received “Friendship Point” can be spent in “Friendship Drawing” for the items.