6. 5 Battle Contents

(1) Scenario Tower : In Scenario Tower, users can utilize the in-game friend’s character through the Friend System. (Skill + Stat Buff)
Scenario Tower consists of various stages including common and boss monsters. Each tower had special modes for item drop/gold drop/events. There will be 500 stages at the time of release.
(2) Growth Tower : Event tower is seasonal contents that rotates by the days of the week. Users can obtain various essential items through “Gold Drop,” “Skill Experience,” “Equipment Drop,” and etc. When the time is right, users may earn what they want, but in order to challenge multiple times the users need to purchase and use the cash items.
(3) World Boss : Very powerful World Boss appears for a limited time and every user from same server may participate to defeat the World Boss. Users who earned high point as the result of the battle may receive the ranking reward.
(4) Tower Raid : Battle against the Tower Raid boss that other user friend identified together with other “Friends” and receive the rewards. The boss is difficult to defeat alone and as the friends share the raid guides which will grow into small community.
(5) PVP Chief Battle : Compete against other users’ characters with Daily and Weekly ranking system. Each user chooses the best 5 characters and fight 5 vs 5 PVP battles. Rankers receives the ranking rewards and since the user can pick the opponents, users can create a party that can counter the opponent’s party.
(6) PVP Total War : Competitive content between the users organized by based on the weekly/monthly ranking system. User can set 3 parties and participate in 15 vs 15 PVP battles. There are 3 rounds and the user who wins 2 rounds wins the battle. It is important for users to set party strategically to counter the opponents. This is the most competitive contents and the ranking users will receive tremendous rewards.
(7) Time Attack Challenge : Users battle through infinite number of stages filled with the random monsters. User ranking is set by counting the number of monsters defeated within the given time frame. Characters are not resurrected in this content and every character the user has can join the battle, thus the user who has many strong characters have benefits in this contents.
(8) Guild Battle : Construct the strongest tower with the Guild members.
During the preparation phase, guild members can set their characters to total 10 stages. Character with higher combat power gets priority and constructs the Guild Tower.
Once the battle begins, other guild users who have challenged to defeat the guild with tower. If all stages are conquered or time limit is over, the wins and losses are determined.
Winning guild members earn Guild Battle Point, which is used to purchase Guild’s Private Equipments.