6. 6 General Contents

(1) Character Drawing
[1] Description : There are about 200 characters from 1~6 classes created in MOREAL and users can spend cash to draw characters randomly. Higher class characters have very rare chance of obtaining through the drawing.
[2] Types : There are Character Drawing / Equipment Drawing / Seasonal Drawing / and Event Drawing.
  • Character Drawing : Randomly draw from 200 characters
  • Equipment Drawing : Chance to obtain characters’ equipment
  • Seasonal Drawing : Character drawing where seasonally updated characters have higher chance of drawing
  • Event Drawing : New characters, collaboration event, and etc. There are higher chance of drawing the specific characters depending on the events.
(2) Character Merge : Users can merge the characters they acquired through game play rewards and drawings. Merging the characters will create higher rank characters.
Every users can obtain high rank characters if they spend long time and efforts through this character merge system.
(From the left, Choose Character to merge, Process Menu, Merging Animation)
(3) Shop
In-game shops have many characters for the users to purchase. If there is a character that user wants to purchase, the user needs to dissemble the character card the user owns to obtain “Character Purchase Only Gold” and use this gold to purchase the character from the shop.
(4) Main Quest and Daily Quest : Users can play main scenario contents and daily updated quests to obtain items required for the character growth.
(5) Mission : In MOREAL, existing users and new users all receive the missions. Expert users receive difficult mission that had high value rewards while newbie users receive tutorial missions for them to adapt to the game and learn the guide with basic rewards.
(6) Achievements : As users play the game and accomplish various milestones, small and big rewards are given to the user. These milestones are something like obtaining 1,000 characters and etc., and based on the achievement the users may receive better rewards.
(7) Equipment Development : There are over 200 different equipment consist of various weapons, armors, and accessories available in MOREAL for its characters to equip. There are “Private Equipment,” and “Set Equipment” that are unique to certain characters.
The equipment can be upgraded, leveled up, and power up the options and make the user’s characters even stronger with the user’s effort in developing.