7. Roadmap

2022 1Q

Account login system completed
- Created in-game login that users can choose his own ID/PW
- Plans to connect Google and/or Apple ID (2023 Q1)
Completed a friend system
- Random user matching based on user ID
- Management features during the game play
Reorganization of PVP and World Boss contents
- Redis server complete for every user in the server can participate
- Real-time user ranking and battle system completed
Completed a ranking system
- Reward distribution for the Server Event, Completed Ranking System
- Completed transaction system to deliver the rewards to users after Ranking Season
Completed in-game missions and achievements
- Completed detailed mission contents on a monthly, account, difficulty basis

2022 2Q

Closed version development completed
- Playable APK version packaging
- Completed packet server to connect with mobile network and Wifi network
Tower raid system development
- Completed content sharing system based on Friend System developed in 2022 Q1
- Real-time content sharing between user and user’s friend during the battle
Tier 1-4 character creation completed
- Completed creating illustration for in-game characters
- Animation for 120 characters
Homepage and Whitepaper released
- Released to websites: /
Cooperation MOU with game developer companies
- 3 game developers / video, VR, AR creators
- 1 investment company

2022 3Q

MOREAL closed alpha test version progressing
- Playable APK packaging distributed to the testers
- Continuous play by user data sync between server and DB
Tier 5 character creation completed
- Completed creating high quality in-game character illustration
- Animation for 20 characters
Established server sufficient to have the thousands of users to play at the same time
Abusing management tool, real-time data sync for large number of users

2022 4Q

Real user testing in progress
- Closed test with game companies, developers and community members.
- Debugging with internal QA’s test play
Completed the creation of tier 6 characters
- Completed creating best quality grade character illustration
- Animation for 10 characters
Complete MOREAL global language progressing
- Establish global server that can manage English speaking and Asia countries
- Global language translation(English, Japanese, Chinese) and contents development
Progressing battle pass construction

2023 1Q

Build QA for MOREAL inhouse testing and deployment
- Public test to 10,000 users through community
- Content tuning based on the feedback and QA after the testing
Game Contents : Balancing design of Battle part
- Battle balancing such as Scenario tower, Event tower, World boss.
- Player-to-Player combat (PVP) correction and balancing
Game Content: Character Level Up Design Patch
- User growth, combat power increase, and reward play flow construction
- Character combat power correction system according to user growth

2023 2Q

Complete Friends management system
- Establish member managing system for Friends
- Establish private content to play within the Friends
Complete Friends coin, Friends exclusive content build
- Establish item and characters only available within the Friends
- Establish private contents only available within the Friends
MOREAL Market, DEX Design
- Establish in-game MOREAL Market for users to trade
- Establish exchange to SWAP in-game money and Token

2023 3Q

Service response and management system establishment
- Set CS team that can handle global issues
- Set management team that can analyze DB and respond in real-time
Complete Friends system between Friends
- Establish Friends helper server
- User data sync between main server and friends server
Open MOREAL Market, DEX
- Open MOREAL Market and DEX to few selected users
- Stability and QA test for MOREAL Market

2023 4Q

MOREAL Global Version Service progressing
MOREAL 1st update in progress: friends community system
- Friends content update established in 2023 Q1~2
Friends System Test and Beta Open
- Open Friends system established in 2023 Q3
- Data analysis during opening the Friends contents
Analyzing OBT service chart, development of first update content