Nowadays, it is not difficult to imagine creating a new content by applying a ‘Blockchain’ technology to the ‘Game.’ Hundreds of businesses are rapidly growing by combining gaming industry and the blockchain economy, and such businesses have become a foundation for DeFi and NFT products for them to further grow in the market.
Every game has its own independent value.
Traditionally, a 'Game' had a limited life cycle where once its user consumes all the contents of the game the game’s value diminishes. Now, even after a game is released, developers and users provide feedbacks to each other and improve the quality of the game through continuous content updates. As a result, the users can enjoy richer contents and transform the game into the content with unique value.
The change in game development also created a cycle where developers constantly improve the contents and users constantly enjoy the contents, users can accumulate in-game assets and create a community to interact with other users. Such cycle creates an ecosystem where a game and its users coexist for the long-term.
In this ecosystem, users and developers interact through the contents; and by using the blockchain technology, users can transfer the digital asset they have accumulated through playing the game to real-world asset. MOREAL Project shall work together with the users to increase its blockchain value and create an ecosystem that users and game will coexist for a long time.
This Whitepaper shall deliver the various strategies and ideas MOREAL Team has developed to achieve the team’s vision. MOREAL Team would like to show the great potential MOREAL Project has by including the users when setting the project’s target, sharing the project’s development process, maintaining transparent policy, and accepting as much reasonable recommendations as possible.
Last modified 6mo ago